About CBS Radio Buganda

Central Broadcasting Service (CBS) also known as Radio Buganda broadcasts from Bulange in Mengo on 88.8 FM and 89.2 FM.

CBS is the largest private commercial FM radio station in Uganda and is jointly owned by the Buganda Kingdom (51%) and private investors (49%)

Favorable frequencies

Central Broadcasting Service also enjoys the advantage of having both frequencies below 90 MHZ( 88.8 FM and 89.2 FM) and this is particularly important in an economy where over 90% of vehicles imported are reconditioned cars from Japan whose radios that do not go past 90 MHZ. this in effect means that we can capture the commuting audience.

CBS pioneer in Radio networking in Uganda

The successful execution of some of CBS fm programs has attracted various other radio stations, who have sought to emulate our example as we strive to develop the regions we serve. To this effect, CBS collaborates with various organizations, local and international, government ministries and agencies to maximize information dissemination to the general specific audiences.

In this effort CBS linked up with radio Paidha (North West), Voice of Toro, (West), and Voice of Teso (Eastern). The four radio stations share program content and jointly produce business and agricultural program segments that are aired on the network. As testimony of this success of this venture two other stations Voice of Kigezi and Radio Uganda have expressly joined the network.

2019 | CBS Radio Buganda Transmitting from Bulange, Mengo.